10 Top Rated Wireless Dog Fences Reviews of 2022

Do you own a property with no physical fence and worry about the safety and security of your dog? Have you tested all traditional virtual boundary types of equipment and not satisfied with the results? Are you one who cannot afford the cost of a physical fence, or does your society not allow you to install a physical fence around your property?

If you are suffering or dealing with any of the above-listed situations then you really need a top-rated wireless dog fence for your home. In this wireless dog fence reviews, we also discuss the pros and cons of each.

The most reliable wireless dog fence systems that we list in this article are manufactured to create an invisible fence in a circular shape. These systems mark a definite boundary area and a danger zone near that area; the dog receives a warning when he moves into the danger zone. In case he stays there, then the warning, which is usually a beep of vibration, is followed by a static correction, and he keeps receiving that until he stays there.

We outline some basic guidelines for our-self to find the best products that we share below. You are advised to read the full post, and definitely, it will help you to find the best product to fence your home.

The Criteria – How we select top rated wireless dog fences?

When you decided to buy a product and visit an online store, you see a product with a five-star rating that attracts you. But stop hare a five-star rating from just a few customers did not mean that its best product that may be a forced review or a paid one. So to eliminate all chances things we set criteria to find best rated products that outline as: 

  • The product is available in the market for at least six months.
  • Rated by a minimum of 20 people.
  • The product is priced reasonably.
  • Any of the customers reported no customer service issue in the last three months.
  • If there are two identical products, we only consider a product for your list that gets a higher rating.
  • Fast and responsive trigger correction on the tight time.
  • Equipped with a safety feature to prevent excessive correction.
  • It comes with a durable collar strap that can last at least a year.
  • The minimum range of 200 feet in diameter.
  • The reliable battery on both sides and easy to install.

Only 8 products meet the above-listed criteria. To complete our list of ten, we include two new products that are stylish, durable, and long-lasting and provide better control over the dog and boundary parameters. These two products are listed in the end. Underlisted is a table that helps you find a product for you quickly. A large outdoor kennel can be a solution, too, but a virtual fence provides more liberty.

Before moving forward let’s have a look at our top recommendations:

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We all want our pets to have some good playtime outdoors, off-leash time also a big health factor for dogs, it keeps them active and healthy especially when they can run and play freely and feel the freedom. But we also want them to be confined within our own yard so that they don’t get into any trouble and stay safe.

A top-rated dog fence will keep you worry-free when your dog is playing outside, you just need to train in the start how to stay away from the danger area and how to react to stimulation.

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1. WIEZ Dog Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

  • It comes with 2 collars; effective working radios is 1968 feet, the minimum adjustable distance is 98 feet, it’s a portable device.
  • 2 in 1 dog fence system that uses advanced 2.4G, wireless fence and training device, on training mode you can use sound vibration and shock with 6 sensitivity levels and range of 984 feet.
  • The receiver is dustproof IP65 and Waterproof IPX7 certified, so putting on the collar will not limit your dogs your dog’s activities.
  • Comfortable, a long-lasting collar made with TPU material features standby mode to extend the collar and transmitter’s battery life.

WIEZ Dog  Wireless Fence is the best-rated wireless dog fence in the market. There are several reasons that customers love this wireless dog fence. The very first one is its ideal to use for household owners. Because its transmitter can be used to train the dog, and collars are equipped with all three functional modes.

It provides an effective range of 1000 feet approximately that the transmitter can cover on each side and make a diameter of 2000 feet, from one end to another end. Its advanced electronics depend on two 2.4 G frequency technology which is considered the most stable even in harsh weather. Its range remains effective.

The other feature that you will love most is its warning and shock stimulus. At first, the collar emits a sound as a warning. If the dog keeps moving in the same direction, then the sound is followed by a static correction of 3.7 V. It’s the safe and humane level of current for a small as well as large dog and will not leave any burn on the skin and keep the dogs safe from injuries. If you own multiple pets, then you can add collars to this pet containment system.

2. FOCUSER Electric Wireless Dog Fence System

  • Effective working radios are 50 feet to 1500 feet, easy to install, and easy to use.
  • A high-quality compact design collar with a rechargeable battery, fully dust and waterproof.
  • A durable and effective system that works efficiently in bad weather and hot summer, ideal for small and large dogs.
  • The collar is made with durable material and adjustable from 10 to 110 lbs dog.

FOCUSER Electric Wireless Dog Fence System is a compact and stylish option to keep pets contained. It uses a human-friendly frequency that makes it environment-friendly, and its seamless operations bring it on the top.

This best wireless electric dog fence works nicely when you turn on the transmitter. It remains connected with the collar and only sends warning signals and corrections when the dog reaches to area limit.

If you wish that your dog could enjoy off-leash time and remain inside your defined boundary, then it’s a system for you. It comes with flags that help to train the dogs. This system keeps delivering a series of corrections to force the dogs to get back.

3. JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

  • The effective range is 10 to 900 feet in radios; provide a wireless fence to limit your dog within the pre-defined area.
  • Designed to provide signal stability and accuracy and features a security function to prevent over-shocking your dog.
  • The collar is waterproof, making it an all-weather wireless fence, equipped with a long-lasting battery and a durable strap.
  • Support unlimited collars and work for all types of dogs, ideal for having multiple dogs at home.

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence is designed to keep the dog within the property, either small or large. Its best wireless dog fence for the large area provides effective coverage and equally beneficial for small and large dogs. If you own a large property like a farmhouse or residing in a large house, then it’s the ultimate solution for you.

For large properties, the features that are needed in the most powerful wireless dog fence are available in this option, and its static correction is powerful enough to keep the most energetic and active dogs confined within the boundary. Its intelligent and new product type in the market has lovely design and shape and features simple operations. On the other side, it’s the most reliable wireless dog fence that will not allow the dogs to breach the boundary limit.

You need to select the test boundary limit once, and then it will take care of your pet and keep him inside the boundary. The collar is equipped with the warning function, which is supportive to prevent static shock.

4. Blingbling Petsfun Electric Wireless Dog Fence System

  • Effective coverage is 30 feet to 900 feet; designed to create a safe playing area; the Wireless transmitter is portable can be used as training.
  • Collars are equipped with a beep, vibration and shock options, collar straps are made with durable material and easy on the neck.
  • Ideal for small, medium, and large-sized dogs, fully waterproof and dustproof allows performing all activities off-leash.
  • Collar and receiver equipped with High Capacity Durable Battery that lasts for a much longer time.

Blingbling Petsfun Electric Wireless Dog Fence System is designed for all breeds and sizes. Its collar strap can fit any size dog, and its shock stimulus is powerful enough to keep the dog within the boundary. This best wireless dog fence system exclusively uses 2.4g technology to provide more reliable and accurate transmission signals.

The transmitter can control three collars are the same time, and there is no need for matching. Reflective straps keep your dog visible even in low light.

When you do not have a physical boundary installed in your yard of a home at that time invisible top wireless dog fence make a boundary, and when your dog goes near that, at first its system trigger a warning, and if the dog does not change its direction then a static stimulation is provided and dog keep receiving such stimulation until he remains in the danger area.

5. UTOPB Wireless Dog Fence

  • Effective coverage of 10 to 1600 ft in radius provides a circular shape boundary.
  • Automatically start working when the dog reaches the limit, send a warning, and then a static correction.
  • Provide a stable signal that works in bad weather and keeps the collar engaged.
  • The collar comes with a durable battery, and it’s fully waterproof, allow your dog to perform all activities within the boundary.

UTOPB Wireless Dog Fence is the most simple and easy-to-use dog fence system, especially for those who live in a house with no physical boundary. It creates an effective virtual fence that and the distance from the device is fully adjustable. When the dog goes near to that limit, at first, it provides a soft reminder, and if a dog does not follow the command, then a static correction.

It keeps providing the static correction until your dog returns to the safe area. The radial dial makes the operation easy you can set a different boundary for nights and easily change for day times. The innovatively designed receiver is a waterproof device that works in all weather. It’s a top-rated wireless fence for dogs.

6. PetSafe Stay & Play Dog and Cat Wireless Fence

wireless dog fence reviews
  • Effective coverage is 44 to 210 feet in diameter, portable transmitter and can be placed indoors, support an unlimited number of collars.
  • Provides effective wireless boundary to keep the pets contained, designed to allow shock-free re-entry.
  • The easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up system also ideal for camping and vacation homes.
  • The configurable collar receiver is waterproof and equipped with a long-lasting battery that lasts for more than three weeks on a single recharge.

PetSafe Stay & Play Dog and Cat Wireless Fence is the strongest wireless dog fence system for small and large pets used for cats and dogs. It supports unlimited collars. Each of the collars can be configured in an individual setting; for small dogs, you can set a weak stimulus. You may set a maximum for a large dog; the collar compatible with this system is highly configurable.

No other competitor in the market is offering the features that come with this product. If you own multiple small and large pets, then this fence system is best for you as with this single system, we can have a boundary for all of your pets, either cats and dogs. It’s a reliable and trusted fence system that is efficient and effective.

We recommend it as the best wireless dog fence for Pitbulls; on the maximum, its shock is powerful enough to teach the dogs to obey the virtual fence.

7. PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

wireless dog fence reviews
  • Effective coverage is 200feet maximum in diameter; the portable indoor transmitter provides circular coverage of 1/2 acres, ideal for small homes.
  • It can be used for vacation homes, adventure trips camping, and anywhere in RV or home.
  • Most easy to use and install, support unlimited collars and provide an effective range.
  • Collars are equipped with a long-lasting battery that lasts for two months on a single recharge.

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System are at number one if we see the top 10 wireless dog fence systems because of its highest sold item in this category. The indoor transmitter is equipped with a battery, and one hour of charging is enough to use it for a day on vacation or camping.

Moreover, the feature that makes it the highest sold is that its collars are individually configurable with five adjustable correction levels depending on the dog’s temperament.

The collar straps are made with durable material and comfortable for dogs to wear for a long time. These collars also feature tone-only mode and warning tones to keep the dog safe from the shock. It’s a blessing for multiple pet owners because the transmitter support unlimited collars.


wireless dog fence reviews
  • The effective range is 200 feet in radios, made for short-term use.
  • Smart, compact, and most reliable fence system.
  • LCD view makes the configuration easy, and you also can have info about the stimulus dog is receiving.
  • The transmitter can two dogs at the same time.

Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 is the most reliable wireless dog fence from one of the renowned electronics manufacturers. The majority of customers do not like it because they lack the most advanced features, but the reality is that it’s still worth buying.

We find that its collar is equipped with a reliable sound that is loud enough to give a warning, and its shock is powerful to force a dog to change its direction.

It provides one-acre circular coverage, keeps the pet confined within a boundary, and keeps him from wandering. The collar features a tone-only function and 15 levels of static correction. Each of its collars is individually configurable. From very gentle to firm, the Motorola Wireless Fence has just the right touch to meet the needs of most any dog’s personality.

9. New Entry – KAROTEZH Wireless Dog Fence

  • The effective range is 100 feet in radios, two system wireless fences, and a training system.
  • Equipped with three functional modes that provide effective control for an off-leash time.
  • The collars are waterproof, and both transmitter and receiver are equipped with batteries.
  • The radial dial on the receiver does the training and setting easy; training modes feature 100 intensity levels.

KAROTEZH Wireless Dog Fence is the highest-rated wireless dog fence that is newly introduced and getting the attention of dog owners. We tested this fence at our farmhouse and found it a worthwhile option to buy. Its range is effective, and the radial dial is amazing.

It provides the liberty to change the fencing area like you can expand the area when you are walking and playing outside, and you can reduce the area when you are not at home or at night.

It’s easy with the radial dial. Moreover, the battery in the transmitter and receiver is a long-lasting one. The receiver provides excellent control over the dog during a training session with an intensity level from 1 to 100. The receiver design resembles the playing pod, easy to grip and operate. If you love to buy new and stylish products, then it’s for you.

10. New Entry – JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence

  • The effective range is 1000 feet in radios, provide a circular boundary for two dogs.
  • Features signal stability and accuracy; the receiver comes with a durable and long-lasting strap that is comfortable for dogs.
  • The receiver is fully water-resistant and equipped with a durable battery.
  • Signals are adjustable from 1 to 1000 feet to adjust an accurate boundary, equally beneficial for small and large dogs.

JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence is another new product in the eye-catching and efficient market to keep the dog inside the virtual boundary. The feature that we love most is its battery in the collar that lasts for more time than other collars in this range. At this amazing price, it comes for two dogs that are really an added advantage of this fencing system.

Another feature that makes it totally different from other virtual fences is its range selection feature. You can select in feet on a one-foot incremental basis.

We give it a spot on our list because it’s a complete package for two dogs and an economical choice. Both the receiver and transmitter are durable and made with high-quality plastic.

Final Thoughts

It was not an easy task to bring up the best-rated wireless dog fences. Still, the criteria that we make discuss earlier help us a lot. The results of this criteria really amazed us because we found some of the very legit and reliable options while following them. It takes a lot of time to set the criteria parameters because we read thousands of reviews and consider more than 50 products.

Once we have done our criteria, we easily find the fences that are best rated, and customers who are using these fences are quite satisfied with the performance.

Before buying any option, you need to become sure about the range, the number of dogs, and the budget. Then, surely one of the above listed top-rated wireless fences for dogs suitable for your home or farmhouse.