Chihuahua Pros And Cons: The Facts You Need To Know

Chihuahua Pros And Cons

Chihuahuas are tiny and strong, to put it mildly. These tiny dogs have outsized personalities. If you live in a condo or don’t have a lot of yard space, you might be considering adopting a Chihuahua. People born before 1990 may recall the Taco Bell advertisements with these adorable dogs.

Chihuahuas are still popular today, and for good reasons. However, this breed is distinctive in numerous ways. You must understand some of the advantages and disadvantages of having one of these dogs in your home before deciding.

Pros Of owning a Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a loving and affectionate breed.

Chihuahuas are dogs that love to cuddle with their owner. However, they get sad when alone, so it is important to give them attention before going away.

If you want a dog that will cuddle with you when you’re reading a book or watching TV, this might be the perfect breed for you.

Chihuahuas are tiny

Chihuahuas are little dogs that are four to six inches tall and weigh less than six pounds. They can live for fifteen years.

They’re perfect for people who live in an apartment or maybe a senior citizen.

Chihuahuas are very lively.

Many dogs get tired at the end of the day. But not a Chihuahua. These little dogs can play all day long and even more the next day.

A Chihuahua loves to play with you or another dog. They are also good watchdogs because they bark when they hear something outside your house.

Chihuahuas are kind

Chihuahuas don’t make a fuss when their nails are trimmed, unlike other big breeds. So Chihuahuas can go with youngsters without issue.

You must instruct your children on how to behave and not play too roughly with the dog for them not to be harmed.

Chihuahuas are Smart

Chihuahuas are clever dogs that learn quickly what their master wants them to do. Therefore, you should be patient when training them and be the leader of the pack.

They can be stubborn initially, but they will follow you as long as you are consistent with your commands and take on a leadership role.

For individuals who live in flats, Chihuahuas are Ideal

Chihuahuas don’t require a lot of care, even if they do not have a yard. They are ideal in flats because they don’t require much space and only eat occasionally.

When traveling on vacation, you may also bring them with you.

Ideal WatchDogs

Chihuahuas are excellent watchdogs. When noise is detected outside the home, they will bark to notify you.

If someone enters your house without your consent, they may bite them if you don’t stop them, so you must teach them effectively.

Cons Of owning a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are dogs that don’t get along with youngsters

Children and dogs do not always get along. Dogs can bite children because they don’t like the way children play rough.

So the dog should always be supervised when around a child to avoid getting hurt.

Chihuahuas do not get along well with other Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are a little more sensitive than other dogs and should not be mixed or bred with other Chihuahuas.

They can fight and harm one another, so it’s better to keep them separated. If you want two pets, you should get a bigger breed.

It is difficult to toilet train a Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas usually have difficulties learning how to go outside or inside the litter box. Therefore, it can be difficult to teach them. When performing this operation, be patient and consistent, as they learn readily once they understand what you want from them.

If your pet gets it on their own timetable, it may take more than a week for results to show unless they are totally trained.

Chihuahuas are dogs that require a great deal of attention

Because Chihuahuas are very fragile, they must always be supervised. They can suffer harm when playing with other dogs or tumbling off the couch or bed.

It would help if you also were cautious that they don’t ingest dangerous things like seeds, food, and chocolate because they’re tiny and inquisitive about everything.

Because Chihuahuas aren’t typically suited for homes where no one will spend time with them daily, it’s probably best to look for another breed if you work most of the day.

Chihuahuas need a lot of care.

Chihuahuas require a great deal of grooming to remove their hair and clean the hair on their faces. They also need to have their nails trimmed and teeth brushed regularly.

It’s better not to put them off for later if they have an illness since it may become more expensive in the long run if not treated immediately by a veterinarian.

It’s essential to exercise caution when caring for or to interact with a Chihuahua. Because these dogs are tiny and could easily fracture bones, they should never be physically restrained.

If your dog bucks while you’re holding him, let him go; otherwise, you’ll seriously damage his health.

Never shake your pet too severely because it might result in injuries and significant discomfort.

Chihuahuas are very sensitive.

If you chastise chihuahuas, they will not carry out what you ask of them from then on since they will recall the punishment.

As a result, it’s critical that you only praise them for something excellent they accomplished while correcting them positively.

This breed is sensitive to harsh discipline and scoldings.

Chihuahuas and the Barking Issue

Chihuahuas typically bark when they sense something or someone is on the street. However, when they’re left alone for a long period of time, they might also become noisy.

It’s important to offer positive reinforcement regularly if you don’t want them to be loud.

Why Should You Not Get A Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are not suitable for households with small children who tend to mishandle them.

This breed is the smallest and has the strongest personality, so they should get along well in your house if you’re gentle. If you know someone tiny or frail who wants a dog, this might also be an excellent choice.

However, you must be careful with your dog if he or she doesn’t get along well with children. Even when trained, these dogs can bite small kids since they don’t like the way children play firmly.

What is the expected life of Chihuahuas?

This breed is known to have a longer lifespan than most breeds in general. Without any serious health conditions or accidents, a Chihuahua can live up to 16 years.

Is It Better To Have 2 Chihuahuas?

If you’re an owner of two Chihuahuas, it will be even easier to train them since they’ll have a playmate the entire time. This breed gets along with other dogs very well so long as they are introduced properly.

The Chihuahua can be a wonderful pet if you’re careful with him and give him the attention he requires.

Do Chihuahuas Like To Be Kissed?

Dogs, specifically the Chihuahua, don’t like being kissed on their facial area by their owners. So it’s best to avoid doing so since it will only make them uncomfortable.

Instead of focusing your attention on kissing your dog, you should give them more love and cuddles in other parts of the body instead.

Why Do Chihuahuas Attach To One Person??

If you’re an owner of a Chihuahua, you must understand how they communicate their loyalty and affection to one person. They do this by licking the most dominant person around them as a sign of submissiveness.

This sometimes means that they will lick your hand or face if you happen to be the pack leader.

It’s best to praise them for doing so since it could be a sign that they’re very comfortable with you.

Why Do Chihuahuas Not Get Along With Other Dogs?

When an adult Chihuahua is introduced to another dog, they may act aggressively to defend themselves. This breed is susceptible and will attack a dog who isn’t showing them respect.

You must socialize your Chihuahua with other dogs from the moment they come home to prevent future issues.

Is it Okay To Breed Chihuahuas?

With all due respect, chihuahuas are one of the most abused dogs around, and you should avoid breeding them at all costs. Unfortunately, there are countless stray ones across the world, so your pet will likely end up in the hands of someone who doesn’t care for them properly.

If you’re not capable of taking care of a dog’s needs, it’s best to hand them over to a shelter.

You could also adopt since many Chihuahuas need homes, which will help make sure they’re not bred to be sold.

Why Are The Ears So Big On Chihuahuas?

This breed is known for having large ears as well as a long body. These attributes are common in the Chihuahua breed, but there’s no reason why they’re like this.

It’s best to avoid asking yourself why their ears are shaped that way because it will only make you curious about what the breed’s designer was thinking.

Do Chihuahuas Like Cuddles?

If you’re an owner of a Chihuahua, you know that they do enjoy cuddles and hugs just as much as any other dog. In fact, many Chihuahuas are capable of snuggling up to their owners for long periods of time without feeling exhausted.

It’s important to note that this breed is known for being somewhat wary around strangers or new people in general.

They will only be comfortable with someone they trust, and you’ll notice that the cuddling sessions are longer when it’s just you and your dog.

Chihuahuas Have An Underbite?

This breed has an underbite because of its shortened muzzle. It’s a common characteristic that many Chihuahuas share, whether they’re purebred or not.

Do Chihuahuas Bite Hard?

Any dog is capable of biting, but the Chihuahua is known for having a strong bite. This is because they have sharp teeth meant to be used for holding onto prey, so they’re not as docile as other breeds.

If you notice any aggression from your Chihuahua, make sure to stay away so that they don’t feel threatened in any way possible.

You should only play with them if they’re comfortable around you.

Chihuahuas Like To Chase Small Animals?

Many Chihuahuas have hunting instincts, so it’s important to understand that they will chase small animals if given a chance.

In this case, it’s best to keep your dog on a leash at all times to prevent them from running away.

Are Chihuahuas Good Guard Dogs?

The Chihuahua is known for having an aggressive bark, so they’re not the best guard dogs to rely on.

Instead of using them to protect your property, it’s best to put up security systems around your home to keep burglars at bay.

Chihuahuas Have Short Life Expectancies?

Some might say that this breed doesn’t live very long. But, in fact, some Chihuahuas live to be more than 20 years old while others only make it until they’re 10.

It’s hard to tell how long your dog will really last since everyone is different.

If you know that your Chihuahua will be living a long life, then you should take extra care of them so they’re able to stay healthy.

You never know – this breed may be one of the lucky ones who can live for more than two decades.

Do All Ch Chihuahuas Bark A Lot?

Some Chihuahuas arethemself known for being less vocal than others. In this case, they may only bark when there’s someone at the front door or in another room.

The noises will be softer as well, so you might not even notice them making a sound if you’re busy with other things.

Do They Make Good Family Dogs?

The Chihuahua is known for being a great family dog. They will enjoy spending time with children, especially if they’re the ones taking care of them.

If you decide that this breed is right for your household, then you should be ready to take on the responsibility and provide all of the things that they need in order


Chihuahuas are one of the most loyal dog breeds, but they require more attention than other dogs. This is nevertheless the ideal breed for you if you have a lot of time and energy to commit to your pooch.

When choosing a puppy, don’t overlook to calculate how much grooming time you’ll need. Then, make sure you schedule regular grooming sessions and provide training as needed.

If you don’t have enough time for your Chihuahua because of work or other obligations, it would be better to choose a different breed.

If you know what to anticipate when raising a Chihuahua, it can be a wonderful little dog.

They are extremely kind and friendly, but they need a lot of attention and care. Therefore, you must spend enough time with them every day to not become lonely or depressed.