30 Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs in 2022

Owning a dog and satisfying his needs is a feeling that gives pleasure to many dog owners like us. In this article, we discuss the best available snuffing mats. You also can have one if! Your dog suffering from digestion problems and needs to slow down the digestion process? Your dog stays home alone often? Your dog suffering from stress or anxiety? Does your dog need an indoor activity? Snuffle mat for dogs is not a single answer to only the above-listed problems. It is also a unique and easy solution to enhance the intellectual power of your dog.

Dogs are naturally good to sense smells, and if they are given a challenge that will further enhance their ability, and they also use their brain to solve the puzzles, the whole exercise brings positive changes, ideal it keep the dog active and playful as well as helps to slow down the digestion process. A snuffle mat can also help to entice a dog who may be unsure of eating out of traditional plastic/metal bowls. The top five snuffle mats are:

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Things to know for better results

  • Supervise your dog from the start until he understands how the puzzle mat works.
  • Prefer to avoid playing when your dog is full.
  • Food motivation should be your prime objective.
  • Feeding through a snuffle mat is a great exercise in harsh freezing weather.
  • Snuffle mat is also helpful to mobile the recovering and aging dogs.
  • Snuffle mats are durable but not indestructible most of these are made of fleece, guide your dog not to chew.
  • Read the washing instructions of mat before washing in some there are particular items that need to be removed.
  • Pay attention to the item included in the package.
  • Frequently clean your mat and wash it at least once every two weeks to keep it clean because it often came in contact with a dog mouth.
  • Use large size kibble that is not easy to miss in a snuffle mat.

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1. PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat

best snuffle mat for dogs

  • Size – 12″ X 18″, a top-rated choice to engage your dog’s smell sense that also sharpens his mind. It engages the dog’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature.
  • Challenging and easy to fill, it challenging for dogs to find the food from this snuffle mat; for owners, it’s easy to fill it means it’s easy to hide food in this mat.
  • Easy to clean, it simply machines washable, and it dries quickly, can be used for all breeds and sizes of dogs.

PAW5: Wooly Snuffle Mat – Feeding Mat for Dogs is a large snuffle mat for dogs that can be used to challenge your dog’s sensing and mind skills. It’s the ultimate solution to increase the feeding time and keep your dog engaged for a longer time, and for dogs, it’s an activity that helps them stay active and sharpen their mind and senses.

It allows dogs to use their nose and stay active in daily life. 

The product in the spotlight is made with hands, and it’s easy on the paws and nose of dogs, does not create any irritation. Your dog will love to find his food from the snuffle mat. It’s a canine-friendly well-designed mat that can be used on any type of floor. It’s designed above the floor. 

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2. Best Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs

snuffle mat for large dogs

  • Size –  28.7 x 28.7, large snuffle mat with four layers to hide the large chunk of food, messy large grass to hide the small size food, resemble a big orange color flower.
  • Made for extra fun, inner circle and out the circle, and four games make it an ideal piece for dogs you want to keep engaging in eating.
  • Eay to fold release buckle design, it takes less space when it’s folded ad easy to use. You can fold it when not in use to keep it clean and safe.

AWOOF Snuffle Mat Pet Dog Feeding Mat is made of thick oxford cloth ad ametabolic polar fleece, which is durable, easy to clean, and easy to ton the dogs’ paws. Both of these materials do not create any irritation on the nose of dogs and contain no bad smell that is a plus point to keep your dog engaged, and he loves to spend time on this mat.

The manufacturer ensures that all the material are non-toxic, odourless and durable to serve for a longer time period.

To ensure safety and quality petals and grass are sewn on the mat with the thick layer of cotton thread, it will not teat or cause suffocation. It’s designed to prevent flipping over, easy to fold, and fully machine washable make sure to use quality material to wash it.

Moreover, it comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality, you can ask for a refund.

Drawbacks, not suitable for small and toy breeds

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3. Snuffle Mat for Puppies and Large Dogs

best snuffle mat

  • A complete solution for large and small dogs, with multiple puzzle games that makes the game more attractive and engaging and more time taking.
  • Made for the longest feeding, made to keep our dog busy and calm for a longer time period, a few minutes of your efforts will bring you an outstanding result and keep your dog busy.
  • Turn your puppy into a smart dog, mental stimulation will bring excellent results, and you will feel the difference after a few weeks; it will make your dog more active and playful.

SNiFFiz SmellyMatty Snuffle Mat for Dogs is a full set of mind games with slow, slow feeding solutions. With the countless hiding, it becomes an ideal snuffling mat to keep your dog calm and busy for a long time.

During our review, we find that it’s a product that offers to control the difficulty level as such a part you can use for puppies particularly and some for large dogs, a large area provides to create a lot of work for your dog to keep him busy.

It’s made with 11 layers of dense grass and petals. Its hidden treat pockets at the back of petals turn to feed into a brain game. Its complete problem-solving education for your dog is made with the durable oxford cloth that is easy to clean, and you can wash it in the machine, so do not worry that your dog can make it dirty with his paws.

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4. AWOOF Dog Puzzle Toys, Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

dog foraging mat

  • Dual-use design, the design allows to use it in two ways wither it can be fully opened and half-opened for maximum difficulty level, ideal for small and large dogs.
  • Increased activity time will be a fun activity to find hidden food and small toys inside for your dog; it will consume your dog’s energy and help you lose weight, avoid boredom, and correct destructive behavior.
  • Non-slip, durable, and easy to wash, its anti-skidding back provides it grip on the floor, and the material is durable to last for a much longer time; while it’s easy to wash, you can put it in the washing machine to fully clean.

AWOOF Dog Puzzle Toys, Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs is made to encourage natural foraging skills, provide mental and physical exercise, improve digestion with slow eating, and release energy and relieve stress.

Ideal for dogs who are left alone at home, a single activity can keep them busy for the house, and it will tire them to take some rest, ideal to use before sleep. It’s easy to carry, can be folded easily into the shape of a very small bowl, and lightweight.

It is a uniques puzzle toy for your dogs as compared to other products available in the market. You can keep it with you if you are leaving your dog for an outside fun activity to keep your dog engaged on the site. Don’t worry about its cleanliness. It’s easy to clean and machine washable. 

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5. Best snuffle Dog Mat for Small Dogs

snuffle mat for dogs

  • Size – 39. 4″ x 39. 4″, provide a large area of activity for small dogs and puppies; petals are soft enough for small dogs and will create any irritation on the nose.
  • Build to increase the skills, and nose work mat satisfy intellectual curiosity and its also good to satisfy the curiosity, ideal for controlling destructive behavior in dogs.
  • Carry on handles and machine washable, it has carry-on handles that make lifting and carrying easy, and this mat is fully machine washable so whenever it becomes dirty, you can put it into the machine to wash.

DIFFLIFE Snuffle Mat Nosework Blanket Dog Training Mat is made with strong fabric for small-sized dogs who need to burn their energy and owners need to keep them busy. If you really think that your dog is not active and needs some indoor activity, if there is a need to slow down his digestion, then the product in the spotlight is a perfect solution.

It provides all the benefits that you are looking for.

It’s made with quality basic that is strong enough and will not tear off even your dog tries hard and chew it. Moreover, it’s soft for a dog nose and does not smell strange. Once you start using this mat for your dog, he will love to spend time on it. It’s easy on paws. Mud and dirt cannot damage it. You may clean it or wash it. 

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6. YINXUE Pet Snuffle Mat Dog Cat Slow Feeding Mat

snuffle mats for dogs

  • Made to stimulate natural behavior, naturally, dogs are made to use their nose to search for food, and it’s a product that forces them to use their instinct.
  • Perfect puzzle slow feeder, you can easily hide the food and small toys, and slow feeding will result in slow digestion, and also it burns the energy to keep the dog busy and sharpen his skills.
  • Anti-slip and fully washable, its backside is made to get a firm grip on the floor while it’s fully washable, so you can allow your dogs to get on it with dirt and muddy paws without worrying.

YINXUE Pet Snuffle Mat is new in the market, but it grabs dog lovers’ attention because it’s a durable slow feeding and puzzle solution for medium and large size dogs. Made with safe material, adorable color matching is designed especially for pets who need to stay busy.

It allows you to hide your pet’s food inside petals separately, which results in less choking and vomiting and prevents many other food inhaling problems.

It is a brilliant snuffle pad that helps to bring some natural challenges for your dog, your dog will hunt in the grass, and all of the activity involves mind and nose that bring some unbelievable results like dogs burn energy and become more active as well as become less prone to many diseases. If you own a pet that always destroys food, then it’s a solution that will save you a lot of money.

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7. Thicken Polar Fleece Dog Food Mat

best snuffle mat for dogs

  • Prolong the pet’s eating time, which brings a lot of health benefits like reducing curiosity and stress and burn energy and tire the dogs, involvement of nose and brain work to make the dog more skillful.
  • Easy to fill and comfortable material, quality fleece and the fabric is easy on paws and nose of dogs, you can easily hide food and treats, you also can control the difficulty level.
  • Suitable for all large and small dogs, it’s made to suit all dogs’ needs, and it’s easy to clean and fully machine washable, and durable enough to last for many years.

KISSIN Dog Snuffle Mat Thicken Polar Fleece Dog Food Mat will bring guns to your dog with puzzles, and your dog will definitely fall in with this mat. It is challenging dogs of all breeds and all ages, a challenge for a pet that alleviates dog anxiety. It uses easy to clean polar fleece that is categorized as wool.

It can be used in all weathers, whether hot summer or winter and maybe inside or outside. It’s easy to hand on rainy days.

If you are a dog owner who likes to involve your dog in different activities, then it’s the right solution for your dog. Its machine washable and to clear the dirt you can vacuum it with any ordinary vacuum cleaner. Hiding the kibble in this snuffing mat is easy. You can do it with one hand. We recommend it for all-size dogs. 

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8. LIVEKEY Snuffle Mat for Dogs

best snuffle mat for large dogs

  • Attractive and stylish toy for mental and physical stimulation makes the dogs engaged and active for a long time with slow feeding that also improves digestion of dogs.
  • Non-slipping snuffles mat with durable fleece and fabric made to keep the dog busy for a long time ideal for small and large dogs, the difficulty is easy to control with layers.
  • Easy to dry and easy to wash and easy on paws, lightweight, and can be rolled to pack as well as durable enough to serve for a longer time.

LIVEKEY Snuffle Mat for Dogs is a different style with two types, so petals one small and less wide for small dogs and easy difficulty while others are large and wider for a large dog and cover more area keep the large dog busy for more time. It’s made to create a challenge for your dog and easy to use. It is a perfect toy to avoid the dog’s boredom and destructive behavior. 

It’s equipped with a special anti-slip bottom that helps to keep it in place. Even if you own an active dog who tries to move its place, he will remain to fail in his efforts. A gentle human hand is required to move it. We recommend it because it’s lightweight and it’s easy to carry. You can create a challenge for you at any may, maybe an adventure site where you need to keep your Fido busy.

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9. LEMONDA Pet Dog Snuffle Mat Training Feeding Mat

foraging mat for dogs

  • Prevent digestive problems; it’s a slow feeding mat to prevent digestive problems the color scheme used in this mat increase the time of the game because it enhances the puzzles.
  • Ideal to create a large puzzle area, multiple puzzle mats can be attached to create a large snuffing area for multiple pets and large dogs.
  • Easy to care for and durable fleece, the fleece used in its construction is a durable one that is safe and serves you for many years, its easy to clean and machine washable.

LEMONDA Nosework for Dogs Activity Fun Play Mat for Relieve Stress Restlessness is made with special care. Its multicolor scheme keeps the dogs busy for more time. This mat makes a spot in our list because multiple similar mats can be used to make a larger snuffing area if you own multiple pets and giant size dogs.

So ideally, you can have more if you need to make a large snuffing area for your dogs.

It’s made with safe material that is pet-friendly. The bottom mat is made with rubber and silicon that make a firm grip on the floor, while the fleece is a durable one even dogs cannot tear it. You can clean the dust in traditional ways, and you may wash it in the machine.

It’s an ideal solution for behavioral correction, especially if your dog is a destructive one.

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10. Fleece Puzzle Blanket for Foraging Skills and Stress Release

best dog snuffle mat

  • Rounded Dispensing Nosework Mat, is made with high-quality fleece and anti-skidding bottom bad that is long-lasting and washing will not affect its working.
  • Encourage dogs for mental and senses work, its bright colors and the different combination is attractive for dog sand they love to spend time on it, the fleece used is easy on the nose.
  • Hiding the food inside is easy, and it’s fully washable you can put it into the machine to clean, and you use it on rugged and uneven floors.

Vevins Pet Snuffle Mat is ideal for slow eating of small dogs. It’s ideal for toy breeds and for those small breeds who are quick eater or need to improve digestion. Its backside is equipped with a non-skidding fabric that is durable, and washing will not affect it.

By buying more than one item, you can make a large snuffing place for a larger dog and multiple pets.

Its different color allows you to control the difficulty and makes it possible to prolong the time of feeding as you wish, and it can also be used outdoors because its bottoms are durable enough for an uneven surface. We are sure it will satisfy the slow eating needs of your small dog.

Drawbacks, only suitable for small dogs.

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11. Tamu style Dog Snuffle Mat for Feeding

best snuffle mat for dogs

  • Made for playful foraging, ideal for promoting active hunting and staying healthy slow digestion always results in dogs.
  • Instinct, it’s in nature of dogs to find food with the help of their nose, this mat creates the same situation for them where they can use their nose and brain.
  • Made to last, it’s constructed with a long-lasting and durable material that will don’t retain smells, odors, or stains for long-lasting use.

Tamu style Dog Snuffle Mat for Feeding, Hunting, Foraging is a snuffle solution for large and medium-sized dogs who need to slow down the digestion, or as an owner, you want to keep them engaged and wish to enhance their instinct. It’s a single-color mat that is easy to use for large dogs. It’s made with fleece that is durable as well as comfortable for dogs and easy to paws.

If you are a dog owner who likes to change the difficulty level of snuffing for dogs, then it’s a mat for you, where you can use all of the petals for hiding the food or just a few layers to make the task easy for your dog.

Moreover, if you own multiple large dogs, you can use more than one mat that will create a large snuffing area for your dog. We recommend it because it’s a quality product and priced reasonably.

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12. Green House Dog Snuffle Mat

Green House Dog Snuffle Mat Pet Puzzle Toy Sniffing Training Pad Activity Blanket Feeding Mat for Dog Release Stress

  • Available in five designs, in different colors and styles, all are made with the same material that is high quality and pet-friendly.
  • Ideal for small dogs, a nose work blanket can meet the dog’s natural curiosity and training its sense of smell, avoid the dog feeling boring and engaging in destructive behavior.
  • Eco-friendly, the material used in construction is safe for pets as well as for humans, it’s non-toxic, and it’s safe to wash, even you can wash it in the washing machine.

Green House Dog Snuffle Mat is available in different designs and colors that make it the best available option in the market. We recommend it for small and medium-sized dogs, but it’s not suitable for large size dogs. The model that is in the spotlight is made with large petals that help to make more efforts to find the food. For dog owners, it’s easy to hide the food. It’s reasonably priced and a quality option.

If you own a dog who needs a snuffing workout and you want an easy-to-move option, then you can buy this item confidently as it’s one that can serve you for the right purpose. It will put your dog’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature.

Its equipped with the right mat that provides a better grip on the floor. We found that it’s strong enough to stand against the tearing efforts of most strong dogs.

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13. AWOOF Fleece Snuffle Mat for Dogs

best snuffle mat for dogs

  • Equipped with a bell, it’s a snuffing mat with a bell located in the center o the mat that can be used to call your dog for mealtime, and it’s customizable, make food time more attractive.
  • Designed to control the difficulty, six different layers provide effective control over the difficulty you can choose as per need the inner circles are for an easy task.
  • This snuffle mat can be washed by machine, and you can get it clean easily and quickly. After you wash it, please dry it in the sun.

AWOOF Fleece Snuffle Mat for Dogs is equipped with oxford fabric on the bottom to help this mat stay firm in the position. Your most active dogs cannot move it. The amazing thing is it’s made with different difficulty levels, and each of its layers represents a different difficulty, so that is a good option in this mat.

You can use most inner layers for small dogs, and for large dogs, you can use the whole available area. It will keep your dog busy for a longer time period.

Your dog will fall in love with this snuffle mat. Dogs have a natural sniff skill with this snuffle mat. Your dog will learn these skills naturally. It will also help your dog eat food slowly that is the ultimate solution to deal with the many stomach problems and maintain weight while burning dog energy.

At dinner time, it’s a good exercise for dogs that give good sleep to tired dogs.

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14. Dog Feeding Mat Large

Dog Feeding Mat Large, Dog Snuffle Mat Pet Snuffle Bowl Pet Cat Snuffle Mat Cat Snuffling Nose Work Mat IQ Training Slow Eat Bowl

  • Most wanted gift for your dog, its design, and its manufacturing are different from other products in the category. Different levels and puzzle games make it interesting for dogs.
  • For bored and destructive dogs, mealtime can be extended to the extent of one hour that is really a good thing to keep your dog engaged for a prolonged time.
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized pets can be used for dogs of up to 45lbs, and different puzzle games make mealtime more interesting.

Dog Feeding Mat Large is a unique training mat for dogs that allows dogs to find the food and small toys hidden in the petals. It involves your dog using his nose and brain to search the hidden food and toys. It will keep your dog occupied and a perfect mat to keep your dog safe from boredom and destructive behavior.

It can be used as an interactive toy for your dog.

High-tech material is used in its construction. Polyester and high-tech textiles are usually used in modern high-tech human blankets and children’s products. Hence, it’s a non-toxic and pet-friendly product that will become an ideal toy for your dog.

We recommend it for small and toy breeds who need some activity to stay engaged.

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15. YINXUE Pet Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs

YINXUE Pet Snuffle Mat Durable Washable Dog Cat Slow Feeding Mat

  • Made to stimulate natural behavior, it’s a slow deeding mat for large dogs made to use the nose and brain of dogs to keep them busy and enhance their skills.
  • Slow feeding, It’s designed to slow down the eating speed to prevent choking and promote their healthy digestion that will keep your dog active and playful and burn his energy and reduce the need for exercise.
  • Easy to fill, it’s made with similar size petals all around, which are easy to fill, hide tasty food inside, and your dog will try to find that at his best.

YINXUE Pet Snuffle Mat is another product that is very suitable for medium and large-sized dogs. It makes the hiding process simple, easy, and quick, while for dogs, the large and long-sized petals make the challenge a little bit tough. The difficulty level is in your hands. You can use a small area for a simple task or use the full mat hiding area to make the job tough for your pup.

The hiding job will only take five minutes, and mealtime for your dog may take up to an hour.

Its bottom is anti-skidding, so where you place it will be firm, and your dog cannot move it. We recommend it because while using more than one mat, you can make a large snuffle area for your dog to keep them busy and engage more than one dog. It’s really durable and made with quality fleece, which is known best for long life.

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16. LIVEKEY Dog Snuffle Mat Interactive Puzzle Toys

best snuffle mat for dogs

  •  Mimicking the hunt for food, it’s a mat for all ages and breeds with the different layers that make hiding and selecting difficulty levels easy.
  • Made with quality material, fleece is used in construction that is durable and washable and will not fade out over time.
  • It can be used for any pet, it’s a mat that can be used for cats and dogs, and even if you want to use it for multiple pets, it’s an ideal product.

LIVEKEY Dog Snuffle Mat Instinct Interactive Puzzle Toys is not different from other similar toys. Its toy that is backed with a good name and manufacturer is enjoying outstanding repute in the market. The difference is not in appearance. It’s in quality and durability. It’s a perfect piece for chews and nasty dogs who love to tear things.

The fleece used in this mat is durable and high quality that is not easy to tear off.

It’s lightweight and easy to clean. You can use a vacuum to collect the dust from the petals, and you may choose to wash it in the washing machine because it’s fully washable and it will not peel color in the wash, quick to dry, and easy to use. Moreover, it’s priced reasonably as well as available in three different styles.

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17. AB AttaBoy Interactive Dog Toys- Pet Snuffle Mat

AB AttaBoy Interactive Dog Toys- Pet Snuffle Mat, Dog Puzzle Toys, Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for Cats Dogs,Activity Fun Play Mat for Relieve Stress Restlessness(Upgraded)

  • A combination of colors, the product in the spotlight is made with three different colors that allow choosing the difficulty level, attractive snuffle mat for your home.
  • Ideal to increase curiosity, it’s a mat that attracts your dog to do more, its a non-toxic and does not contain any smell that your dog bothers.
  • A small or large dog, no age restriction it can be used for small and large dogs, easy to wash and easy to clean, made to stay stick on the floor.

AB AttaBoy Interactive Dog Toy can be a perfect gift for your dog if you want to keep him engaged for more time and wish to slow down his digestion to control his metabolism and control the weight of your dog. Its colors and arrangement of petals will keep your dog engaged and busy for a longer time period.

While on the other side it can be placed anywhere, either on uneven ground or find the floor.

We recommend it because it can be used for multiple pets, and it can be used for many large pets by combining more products, but for puppies and small dogs, a single product is enough. Just use the maximum area to hide the treats and food and let your dogs search for the same.

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18. Jalousie 32 Inch Extra Large Dog Snuffle Mat

Jalousie 32 Inch Extra Large Dog Snuffle Mat Interactive Food Puzzle Toys for Dogs Dog Nosework Training Stress Relief Activity Mat (Original) - Made of Tough 600D Oxford and Soft Fleece

  • Extra-large with 10 puzzles, the number of puzzles create a challenge for dogs to find all the hidden treasures, and it also increases the activity time, large size ideal for all sizes and ages.
  • Made of Tough 600D Oxford and Soft Fleece, both of these materials are known best in this category and also durable, long-lasting for the sake of long-serving life.
  • Tested for safety, tested with all eight metals, and this mat passed all eight tests; it’s an easy to wash and quick to dry option.

Jalousie 32 Inch Extra Large Dog Snuffle Mat Interactive Food Puzzle Toy for Dog is an innovative product that contains many puzzle games to keep the dog busy for a longer time and enhance dogs’ instincts. Mental stimulation with this mat is a great exercise for nose work.

It will also help your dog stay focused and calm during the day and slow down the eating time for better digestion.

Stress relief is another benefit of this game. It allows the dog to search the different places with different mental approaches. We recommend it because it is a product that will keep your dog happy and busy.

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19. Snuffle Mat for Dogs with Cups

best snuffle mat for dogs

  • Easy to fill feeding mats with cups, designed to make the dog happy, you can hide the food, and you can distribute the good in different cups to slow down the eating process.
  • Improve sensitivity, make it easy o serve your dog different foods on a single mat that will ultimately enhance his sensing skills and mind power.
  • Easy to clean, washable, and durable, it’s made with a quality material that is washable and easy to clean, and pet-friendly.

Snuffle Mat for Dogs with cups is a great mat for your lovely dog that can be used for small and large dogs. Instead of puzzles, it’s a great tool to distribute the food in a large space where you can use the cups.

Even if you are not going to use the puzzles, you can still use the cups to distribute the food on the mat that will slow down your dog’s eating and ultimately result in better digestion of dogs.

It’s attractive and soft for dogs. They will love to spend time on this mat, and ideally, it can be used for multiple small pets or buy more products to join and make a large snuffing area for your multiple dogs.

We recommend it for all sizes and breeds. It will be a great addition as a puzzle toy at your home.

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20. Wagworth Snuffle Mat for Dogs

  • Think and durable, and it’s made to make the mealtime a puzzle game for dogs; it can be used either for large and small dogs, a perfect mat to prolong eating time.
  • Engage Senses and Natural Instincts that will further enhance the natural skills and provide the ability to stay active and playful.
  • Dense but washable, it’s a dense mat that is durable and easy to wash and clean.


Wagworth Snuffle Mat for Dogs resembles the thick grass used to hide the treats and kibble of your dog. It is a perfect mat to enhance the digestion of your dog with prolonged eating time. You can use it for multiple dogs, and with this product, it’s easy to enhance the snuffling area because multiple mats can be joined together to make a bigger area for more dogs and puppies.

We recommend it because it’s easy to use and thick enough to challenge your dog’s instinct.

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21. IFOYO Dog Feeding Mat

diy snuffle mat for dogs

  • Unique style, it a different style with a number of puzzles that make the training easy and keep the dog engaged for more time.
  • Large and easy to clean, it’s a large mat that is easy to clean and easy to use, it’s machine washable and takes little space when folded.

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22. BBDOGO Pet Snuffle Mat Nosework Blanket

what is a snuffle mat snuffle mat kit

  • High-quality washable fabric, that is tear-proof and smells nice, its a great product for large dogs that offer the maximum level of difficulty because of its large petals.
  • Safety and innocuity, wear-resisting and biting, cleaning teeth, and reducing tooth disease. Its design to meet the curiosity of your dog can challenge the skill to a further level.

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23. Large Dog Training Pad Pet Nose Work Blanket

IFOYO Dog Feeding Mat, Dog Snuffle Mat Small/Large Dog Training Pad Pet Nose Work Blanket Non Slip Pet Activity Mat for Foraging Skill, Stress Release, (S, L, XL)

  • Washable and portable feeding mat, it can be folded to a football-size that allows you to carry it anywhere else like you can take with you on your vacations to keep your dog buy.
  • Washable and anti-skidding bottom, don’t worry if it gets dirty, you can wash it in the machine, and its bottom is anti-slipping that can make a tight grip on the floor.

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24. Pet Feeding Mat for Small Large Dogs

Dog Snuffle Mat, Pet Feeding Mat for Small Large Dogs Nosework Blanket, Dog Training Mats Dog Activity Mat for Foraging Skill, Non-Slip Snuffle Mats Stress Release Machine Washable

  • Large size mat, with a number of puzzle games it an ideal choice for multiple small pets/puppies and large dogs, gives full control over the difficulty.
  • Non-Toxic Fabric, Made of anti-pilling polar fleece and canvas material which is also soft one, which would be durable and non-toxic means safe for your dog, Anti-teared, No risk of damage to your dog’s retina or nose.

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25. LoongBaby Snuffle Mat Professional Dog Training

best snuffle mat for dogs

  • Stunning black color, its color is really amazing, and light color food becomes visible easily, and dogs love this color for resting purposes.
  • Anti-skid pad, This feeding pad has an anti-skid layer design at the bottom, which is durable and long-lasting, suitable for various kinds of flooring. A human hand will be required to move it from one place to another.

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How to use a snuffle mat

It would be best if you put some of the treats, which are tasty and smells nice, on the tops of the snuffle mat, loosely in the fleece so your dog can smell that easily and can find with little effort to take a good start. Once your dog starts lifting that you can associate the desired command with it and provide more with an increased difficulty level, repeat such sessions a few times to make your dog familiar with the snaffling mat. 

Keep doing the same until your dog recognizes the command. Sniffing behavior will help your dog sniff the treats and food rather than pick the mat up, dig in it, or shake.

 Reward your dog on every successful try and repeat the exercise twice a day, especially at dinner, to tire your dog that will also give him a good sleep. Slowly start hiding the treats and food deeper to increase your dog’s activity time and effort level. You need to use high-quality treats at the start, but later on, you can use ordinary treats and kibble.

Usually, dogs learn in four to five sessions, but you may keep doing the same sessions for a week to get better results.

Final Words

All of the above-listed mats are useful because everyone comes with a different difficulty level. While selecting the best snuffle mat for dogs, you need to consider your dog’s difficulty level and mental condition. In case your dog is not sharp enough, then you much go with an easy one. But if you want to polish your dog’s mind skills further, then choose a difficult one that can challenge your dog further.

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