7 Best Metal Dog Food Storage Container of 2022 To Keep Food Safe

Metal is known best for its quality and durability, and long life; this is why many of us prefer to buy the Metal dog food storage container because they are cost-effective and durable and whether and ruff use can easily damage a metal container. 

No such material is durable like metal, but finding the right product in metal containers is difficult because only a few manufacturers make these products. They are also limited in terms of product variants. 

If you own a small dog, then you can find plenty of right quality products in the market and online, but if you own a large size dog, then it will be challenging to find the right size metal-made dog food container for your pooch. This article lists some of the best available products that you can use for your small and medium-size dogs but not for large and giant-sized dogs.

Before moving forward let’s have a look at our top recommendations:

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There are five reasons why you should consider a metal dog food storage container:

  • They Keep Dog Food Safe and Fresh: We all know that dogs are notoriously fussy when it comes to improperly stored food. There are more chances your pooch tries his best to get all the food at once. There are more chances your dog refuses to eat stale kibble when not stored properly.
  • They Keep Pests Away: Rodents and small pets can make their way to food, and a metal container makes it impossible to access the dog food. Moreover, food remains protected from bacteria and diseases that pests can transmit.
  • Portable Storage Solution: Metal containers are small, and you can move them anywhere in your house.
  • One Time Investment: Metal dog food containers are trustworthy and durable; once bought, they can serve you for many of the coming years.
  • Convenient to Use: Top open feature of metal containers and full-size lids make them easy to use, where one can scoop out food easily.

There are two important things to consider while buying a metal food storage container:

  • Airtight Seal: Ensure it comes with an airtight seal; many come with the plastic seal inside; this will keep the kibble fresh for weeks.
  • Capacity: Make sure the container you selected has adequate storage; you also need to make sure you have space in your kitchen to store the container.

Before buying a metal food storage container to keep the dog food safe, just make sure you are buying the right product, which will suffice for your buying purpose. We recently reviewed some 30lb dog food storage containers and also 50lb dog food storage containers. Have a look at both and hope that you will find one that exactly matches your needs.

1. Best Metal Dog Food Storage Can

metal dog food container
  • Silicone GasKet: equipped with a professional-grade silicone gasket for the highest level of protection of dog food.
  • Removable Inner Bucket: made from BPA-free material, can be removed easily for washing and cleaning purposes.

Simplehuman Brushed Stainless Steel Dog Food Storage Can is a high-quality product in this category; no similar other merchandise is available. It consists of a two-layer product, the inner bucket made from high-quality BPA-free good grade non-toxic plastic, while the outer body is made from brushed stainless steel.

That is the real beauty of this product. It looks great, durable, and a choice that will last for a long time.

We recommend it most because there is a built-in scoop inside attached to the top lid; scoop inside means it will remain protected from the outer environment, especially germs.

You can easily snap it. The other feature of this product that most the customers discuss is its back wheels and extended handle both make ea excellent combination, which brings a lot of ease in moving and rolling. 

While using this product, you can stay sure your dog will not get unauthorized access to food, and it also keeps the dog’s food protected without a doubt, with no chance for air, moist and pests to make their way inside.

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2. Amici Pet Metal Dog Food Container

metal dog food storage container
  • Trending Design: it’s a new design that is most sophisticated and attractive for dog owners and can accommodate food up to 17lb.
  • Keeps Freshness: with its silicone gasket, it keeps the dog food fresh and protects it from known outer factors.

Amici Pet Buster All Natural Dog Food Large Metal Storage Bin will prevent dog food from unwanted guests. It is an ideal choice for all small and medium-size dogs. Metal is always easy to wash and clean. 

One feature that is superior to other materials is it can be used in any environment. Ideally, it’s made for inside use, but you can place this storage container at any convenient place inside your house. It’s easy to open, and a full opening mouth allows you to scoop quickly, and filling cleaning is also hassle-free.

We consider it for another perspective, too, that is its usability for wet food. Yes, you can use it to store moist food for a few days, and it’s the size right one to keep in the fridge and outside the cabinet.

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3. Kitchen Craft Metal Pet Food Container

metal storage bins for pet food
  • Ideal for placing Outside: it’s manufactured to place in your garden, durable to withstand the weather conditions because it’s made from quality metal.
  • Handles For Easy Lifting: equipped with two side handles which make lifting easy, and its paint keeps it safe from rust and many other damaging things.

Kitchen Craft Feed Storage Tin is a real solution to keep pet food safe outside. If your garden is a permanent place for your dog, you can use this tin to keep the food near your dog’s home. We recommend storing food for a week maximum because, in the exposed environment, many factors count. It is a perfect solution for smaller and medium-sized dogs, and even you can keep it inside.

It’s easy to move, and its lid is easy to open, but we figure out that it can be tilt by the dogs if not appropriately placed, so keep it in a safe place.

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4. White Metal Dog Food Container

white metal dog food container
  • Attractive and Stylish: it’s made to give your love for a dog a unique look and name; definitely, it’s a white color suitable looking metal container that everyone will like.
  • Environment-Friendly Product: it’s non-toxic and pet-friendly, made from recycled steel, and recycled again after serving for long years.

Harry Barker Dog Food Storage Container is an exceptional piece, and it’s one of its kind, which is colored white and looks elegant. You will be amazed to know that it’s made from FDA-approved material safe to use for dogs. We like most of its look and large storage capacity. It can hold up to 40lb of dog food and can be placed anywhere.

It will protect dog food from Air, moisture, and pests and protect it from unauthorized access. In addition, it will add value to your home, as everyone visiting your home will notice your love for the pup.

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5. Amici Pet Metal Dog Food Storage Bin

  • Decorative Design: Galvanized metal is not a simple tin; it’s painted with a long-lasting design and feels engraved on the metal, while paw print gives this food container real life.
  • Silicone Gasket is equipped with a silicone gasket that keeps the inside safe from outside guests and locks the freshness and nutrition.

Amici Pet Buster Healthy Life Dog Food Large Metal Storage Bin looks like it’s made with hands because galvanized steel looks real as we see many other similar traditional things. The steel tin is thick and made of high-quality steel as well as the printing outside is durable. You may use it outside in an exposed environment or place I on the counter of your kitchen. This medium-range dog food storage will show your love for the dog.

Your pooch will not unauthorized access to the food because it’s hard for him to open, and round style keeps protection against the tilt.

6. Morezi Metal Pet Food Storage

metal storage containers for dog food
  • Durable Metal Design: a straightforward, sustainable design with fancy white paint, a tin style that looks elegant because of its shining look and printing.
  • Enamel finish Scoop Included: matching color scoop is included for convenience; it will allow you to serve the right quantity to your dog.

Morezi Dog Treat and Food Storage Tin with Lid and Serving Scoop are made of pure, high-quality metal; it’s rustproof and durable to serve for a long time. It will prevent your dog’s unauthorized access to the food, and its sturdy metal lid will keep the food secure from pests and outer circumstances. Its easy-carry handles make shifting easy, and a scoop made with similar material and colors to prevent rusting helps you serve the right quantity to your pooch.

Its scoop comes with an angled handle so you can hang it on the side handle. It’s easy to wash and clean; a damp cloth is enough to clean it from the outside and inside fully.

It can accommodate 2.5Kg inside, which is enough for small and medium-size dogs that can last for several days. Ideally, you can place dry dog food inside and other items like wet food, treat, and occasional items.

It not only keeps your dog food safe from dust and moisture but can withstand these elements due to the quality of enamel on it.

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7. Mud Pie Metal Dog Food Storage Bins

  • Galvanized Tin: dog food canister features a removable lid with a cast iron handle; it is not painted but looks great and provides excellent usage.
  • 3 Piece Set: it’s a three-piece set with chow and bone printing that makes it eye-catching and gives it the feel that it contains doggy stuff.

Mud Pie 4 Dog Food Canister is a galvanized solution that can withstand harsh weather and ideal for outside. It comes with a similar quality measuring and serving scoop and a sturdy lid that fixes correctly on the tin to keep the guests, air, and moisture away from food. It is an excellent solution to keep a supply for several days, and due to its small size, it’s easy to carry and easy to fill because of its wide opening.

You may clean it or wash it to keep it sanitized as well as its title proof. Its round bottom provides it with excellent support to stay firm.

Dog Food Kibble Storage FAQ

Make your store unopened kibble in a cool and dry space, ideally not in the garage. Dry basements and closets are best to store dog food. When the temperature crosses 100-degree Fahrenheit, it can stale. Keeping your dog food at 120 degrees for more than two days can deteriorate the food. High temperature, light, and air all can play their part in turning food bad. Do not open the dog food bad until you need the food, a bag act as a fat barrier between food and external factors. Storing the dog food in an air-tight container is a good solution to keep it healthy and good.

It depends on where you place your dog food container and how its lid is closed. If your dog has access to it and can tilt that container, it increases the chances that your dog can spoil all the food in the container. So make sure the lid is closed in a proper and your dog do not have access to the container.

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