10 Best Foods for Bernese Mountain Dog to Keep Him Healthy and Active

Bernese mountain dog is a gentle and true companion from the farmlands of Switzerland. A strong breed with a cool and friendly personality. A perfect farm dog, this canine is also suitable for tracking and herding. Based on our research, we cover the 10 best foods for Bernese Mountain Dog.

The best food for your Berner must be AAFCO approved and affordable for you. Food for the Berners must be made with balanced ingredients.

The selection of the best food depends on many factors like age, health, and activity level. Whether you got a Bernese Mountain dog Puppy, an adult, or a senior dog, we have developed a resource to find the best food. The dog can eat foods from various brands, but feeding quantity may vary from brand to brand because it depends on the required calories of Berners.

Nowadays, Berner is a common family dog in the USA. They require good health and socialization trading. A portion of good food can serve well as it can help a dog to perform activities and stay healthy.

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Best Foods for Bernese Mountain Dog

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Bernese Mountain Dog Diet and Nutrition

Dog owners are aware that the basics of canine nutrition are nearly the same all across the breeds and for a new dog owner this is the first thing to know.

Like other living things, dogs need calories and certain nutrients in their diets. Which can provide energy to their bodies and keep them on the optimal level. Which also helps them to perform day-to-day tasks. You ever think that your dog needs the same balanced diet as you. Choosing the best foods for Bernese Mountain dogs is not an easy choice as this large breed has more health issues as compared to other large breeds.

Dogs are not so carnivorous as cats are, protein is the most important diet ingredient in a balanced diet for your Berner.

More importantly, if that protein comes from the animal source so that will result in the best growth and nutrition in the dogs. When you choose such a feed, which contains bio-protein that will be consumed less.

Another important thing is bio-protein is considered as complete protein which offers all the benefits which one expects from it while the plant proteins are not. An animal product like poultry, fish, and meat contain all that you do need for his growth and maintenance.

At the next number, it is fat which is also an important part of every canine diet. Consider choosing one of the above listed best foods for Bernese Mountain dogs as all of these have fats that are necessary for Berners to grow or maintain.

Fat is an element that insulates and protects the dog’s internal organs. Fats play a role in cell structuring, nutrition absorption, and hormone production. Like if the diet has all the other nutrients but not fat then the dog cannot consume that diet. It is a highly concentrated source of energy.

As a Bernese Mountain Dog owner, you must know your dog doesn’t have any requirement for carbohydrates. Berner can survive with little or no carbohydrates. The majority of commercial dog food which is available nowadays contains carbohydrates. Basically, carbohydrates provide energy as well as healthy fiber for digestion.  

There is a lot of dog owner and vets who recommend a diet with carbohydrates but in case of Bernese Mountain Dog, it’s not required. Instead of carbohydrates, you must look for other ingredients like chelated minerals and probiotics. I will again remember that the above list of best foods for Bernese Mountain Dog is very carefully selected while keeping in view all of the requirements.

Supplements and Nutraceutical support List

Defining the correct supplement and the quantity for your Berner is essential and consider a serious business; for the best results, you may choose the diet with the following supplements. These are necessary and helpful in the nutrition and maintenance of Berners.

Antioxidants – vitamins C & E
Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids – fish oil, flaxseed oil
B-complex supplement
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
Joint support supplements – glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, 
Probiotics/plant enzymes

All the foods in our list of 10 best foods for Bernese Mountain Dog have a balanced amount of all nutrients needed and necessary for Berners.

Vegetables support list for Bernese Mountain Dog food

As a Bernese dog owner, you must know what vegetables are good for Berner’s food.  Vegetables are an excellent and economical source of fiber and other nutrients for dogs. There is another plus Bernese love them. As another option, you can feed your dog vegetables instead of a low calories snack, especially when he is an adult, and gain final weight. 

When you are worried about his weight to choose foods which contain vegetables, Best vegetables for Bernese are,

1Asparagus7Green beans
3Brussels sprouts9Pumpkin
5Cauliflower11Sweet potato

When you are feeding the vegetable in the shape of commercial food, no extra care is required. But when you are feeding fresh vegetables, make sure they are washed very well to remove any traces of pesticides or prefer to purchase organic vegetables for your Berner to stay safe.

Do Berners need grain Free Food?

Like other dogs, Bernese Mountain dog has fewer chances of grain allergies, it’s almost zero, so there is no need to look for grain-free food. But if your dog is a family dog and most of the time he spends in the house, then it better to consider a grain-free. If your dog has a skin problem or an ear infection, it’s due to the food.  

How Much Should You Feed Your Bernese Mountain Dog?

Earlier we discuss how much a dog needs to say health and for nutrition needs which hopefully gives you a better understanding. Many times, nutrition needs to make a dog owner confuse as drawing result from the nutrition needs is not easy to do the job

You will be amazed to know that there is no easy answer to this question!

You will definitely make efforts to choose the best foods for Bernese Mountain dog but the question of how much always remains there. The exact amount of food will vary because it depends on various factors like age, sex, daily exercise, and activity levels. Like at an early age a puppy needs more food for his nutrition needs in the shape of calories while a young dog big dog like Berners needs healthy food to sustain their metabolism without extra that may lead to more weight gains. Extra good might result in weight gains which can make your Berner lazy.

You also need to consider the role of your dog in selecting the best foods for Bernese Mountain dog. If you train your dog for outdoor sports or farm dog then the Berner will need more food for his daily energy expenditure as such activity always necessitate more calories.

Musculoskeletal issues are very common in large breeds like Bernese Mountain Dog, so your dog is prone to this issue. And you need to make sure that your puppy is not doesn’t grow too fast. As it may invite the muscle issue.

At the early age of your dog, you need to stay careful when you are choosing what to feed your puppy while making sure your dog gets enough food without overeating.

With the count of time when your puppy grows to increase the food as well. Healthy pups of 8 to 10 weeks hardly eat ¾ or ¼ cups of food per meal. When they are between 2 to 6 months offer them 3 meals a day make them two after six months.

Keep in mind the food requirement will be different for each puppy and most of the time it depends on the metabolism and activity. In many cases, puppies remain actively involved in playing with kids so they need more food.

You will be amazed to know that four months old pup of Berner will eat more as compared to the 8 months old.  At the age of 8 months, Berner will nearly consume the same food as adults.

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