4 Best GPS Dog Collar with No Monthly Fee To Rack Your Dog

All of us want o keep our four-legged friends safe. We train them to stay in our yard and prefer to keep them on leashes when going for a walk. When we let them enjoy their liberty, they prefer to visit the whole community and make fun with other people and dogs that can be challenging, and in the end, searching and locating them is hard to do the job. This is the reason today we are discussing a GPS dog collar no monthly fee, that can track your dog.

Even most caring and loving dog owners lost their pets. They experience fear and anxiety. It is really hard to understand the feeling of a pet owner who lost his dog and worried about the safety of the dog after he escapes. With the advancement in technology, it becomes possible to keep an eye on the position of the dog digitally and get alerts about his activity. GPS dog collar with no monthly fee is a solution that is a one-time investment and does not require any subscription to track your dog.

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With the GPS dog collar, you can quickly locate and bring your dog home. A good GPS tracker ensures that no matter where your pet goes, there is a technology to locate him even when he crosses the system trigger alerts. Even if your dog is not found to run off or chase, it is still a great idea to have a GPS tracker.

It gives you peace of mind that wherever he goes, you can track him. We list a few very reliable solutions with no monthly subscription that is advanced and offers all the features you want. Let’s move on to the products:

How Come Some Pet Trackers Do Not Have Monthly Fees?

The cellular network provides data to GPS for effective operations. Still, many manufacturers try to absorb the monthly cost and developed a transmitter and reviver, which works in a limited range report location. With GPS

Dog Collar with No Monthly Fee, you can track your dog; the Geolocation of such collars depends on two different devices to complete the operations. One is called a transmitter, and the other is called the receiver.

The pair of these devices work without cellular data, and many provide an opportunity to use mobile as a display device where you can see your dog on the map.

Most of the features are similar to GPS devices, which depend on cellular data. A GPS device without cellular data is usually an excellent way to save some money.

1. Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker

GPS dog collar no monthly fee
  • Does not require a monthly fee, free of subscription.
  • Work without a sim card and cellular coverage.
  • Provides real-time tracking and alerts.
  • Ideal to use for a virtual fence.
  • Offer extended coverage of 0.5 miles.
  • Optimized for the walk and remote monitoring.
  • Featured with a reliable, long-lasting battery.
  • Accurate and easy to use, work everywhere.

Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker is the best no monthly fee GPS dog collar that consists of two modules, one for the pet and another one to keep in your pocket. The dog module comes with the Velcro attachment. Both modules can communicate up to 0.5 miles range.

It works with the Findster app that you can install on your mobile and can keep an eye on your pet through the handheld device. The app work with IOS and android.

The app and modules connectivity offers a lot of advanced options that you can use to control your pet and track the health status and daily activity of your dog. Like you can make a virtual fence, and when your dog cross that limits, the app will trigger an alert, and you can look for your dog. It is the best gps dog collar no monthly fee.

Your dog’s daily activity is also recorded in the app of this best GPS collar, not a monthly fee. You can explore the complete path your dog visits in a day and share it with friends and family. It shows complete maps and directions on the app that makes finding a dog easy.

You can optimize the daily activity and can decide how much walk your pup needs in the evening, and its virtual leash feature will really amaze you. It virtually keeps an eye on the distance of the pet from you. IF your dog hides in the bushes, then the radar mode of the Findster app will lead you there right to his position. This no subscription GPS dog collar is the only smart tracking device in the market to provide extra safety during walks.

Drawbacks, it reduces the range in highly dense areas, does not work in case a sold barrier comes between pet and mobile, no suitable/accurate for indoor use, On GPS battery dry up quickly.

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2. PETFON Pet GPS Tracker(iOS ONLY)

Best GPS Dog Collar with No Monthly Fee
  • Real-time GPS dog tracker without a monthly fee.
  • Connects with GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth.
  • Accurate, small, stylish, and durable, fully waterproof.
  • Easy to use anywhere with a maximum range of 0.65 miles.
  • Offer customizable alerts and voice commands.
  • An ideal device for geofencing and virtual leash.
  • The application is easy to install and use (iOS only).
  • Comes with a portable charging box.

PETFON Pet GPS Tracker (iOS ONLY) is the best tracker without a monthly fee; it is only made for only iOS users. The system consists of two modules. The first one is for the dog and the second for the owner to keep with the mobile. Its iOS application is fully customizable, and you can configure it for a virtual fence and send voice commands.

You can define a safe area for your pet, and when your pet crosses the region, the application alerts you. Small and durable devices work in any weather your pet can enjoy his liberty, can play in rain or water because it’s fully waterproof.

It comes with a portable charging box that makes it possible to charge both devices when you are hiking or camping or even when you are walking. A light on the dog module keeps your pet visible in low light and helps you locate when lost. Alarm, sounds, and voice commands make it the best device to control your dog.

Even when you do not see your dog, you can effectively communicate with him.

Drawbacks, Battery lasts for only 8 hours, works only with iOS mobiles.

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3. MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring

Best GPS Dog Collar
  • Non-GPS – Work anywhere, totally self-contained.
  • No monthly service contracts.
  • Easy to use.
  • It can be extended to track three pets.
  • Durable tracking tags are waterproof and chew resistant.
  • Ong lasting battery in pet collar lasts for six weeks.

Eureka Technology MARCO POLO Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking, and Locating System is a best not monthly fee GPS dog collar. A professional-grade device that you can use to locate your pet. It also works as a fence for dogs and triggers alerts when your dog crosses the area for this purpose. You can mark the safe zone, and when your pet crosses that, it alerts you.

When you are locating your pet, it guides you with a distance and direction, which makes the job easy.

The dog collar that comes with this package is fully waterproof so your dog can enjoy swimming and keep performing normal activities. The Dog collar is equipped with a quality battery, which lasts for a much longer time than other traditional GPS collars. It is no subscription GPS dog collar, which is ideal to use anywhere.

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love

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4. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

GPS dog collar no monthly fee
  • Professional grade GPS dog tracker made for hunting.
  • Preloaded TOPO US, can connect up to 20 dogs.
  • Rescue mode, virtual boundaries, and many other functions.
  • Featured with training mode, work up to 9 miles.
  • Featured with control center app, can share location with others and can track others.

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Advantages of Dog Trackers with No Monthly Subscription Fee

GPS dog collar, which does not depend on cellular data, uses its own technology to communicate between transmitter and receiver, which helps to determine the exact location. These do not have any terrain limitations, just like subscription-based collar does. So you can track your dog in a part of the world without given parameters.

Your dog can enjoy the wilderness while you will still have the ability to track them so that they will get a more enjoyable time, and you are having peace of mind that you can find your pet anytime. Also, cellular data eat up the battery life quickly, but these collars do not use any such function, so they have longer battery life. Most of them can last up to a day.

These are cost-effective, have less Infront cost, and have no monthly payments, so you save in both ways. So, be ready to buy extra treats and stuff for your dog.

Ideal for the dog parents with a limited budget and for those who only use such tracking collars on holidays.

Subscription Based Vs No Monthly Fee Dog Trackers

You might think that you are going to save money and will get unlimited coverage as well as futuristic features. Bu the reality is entirely opposite tracking range of GPS collars without subscription is extremely limited.

The safety of your buddy will be at stake if he goes off the range, while on the other side, paying a handsome amount in the subscription on a monthly basis does not mean your pet remains secured and safe. Few cons of non-subscription drawbacks are:

  • Limited Rage: none of no subscription GPS dog trackers provide an unlimited range.
  • More Range More Cost: To get more working range, you need to pay more like you can expand it to 9 miles with Garmin, which cost nearly 700$.
  • Support: Do not expect any support from the manufacturer. You need to wholly depend on the manuals that come with the product.

It might be difficult for you to decide about one of these, but no monthly subscription GPS collar is best when it comes to saving on the monthly subscription. Our article helps you to compare the different trackers.

Most dog trackers come with a monthly subscription that offers something extra, but keep in mind that no monthly subscription GPS collars are best if you can keep your dog limited.

Things to Consider While Buying GPS Tracker for your Dog

It is really hard for a dog owner to ascertain which GPS dog tracker is best. First, you need to arm yourself with the criteria. You need to set few benchmarks, then you can easily figure out what exactly you are looking for. Write down your requirements, it enables you to enquire in a better way from manufacturers. Here we list six points which you must consider while making your final decision; which are:

  1. Range
  2. Battery life
  3. Weight
  4. Price
  5. Durability
  6. Waterproofing

How long a piece of equipment will remain useful depend on its price, which correlates with the quality. So do not go for flimsy-made products; even when buying a GPS dog tracker for occasional use, prefer to stick with the quality products.

Use an appropriate size collar so your dog does not feel any friction of collar while running You can enjoy the outdoor activity either on plain terrain or in water.

Read reviews of your chosen products so you can better understand what other dog owners are discussing about the products and what complaints manufacturers are not addressing. This type of activity saves you from the wrong purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Summary of GPS Dog Collar No Monthly Fee

It’s tough to find an economical GPS tracker that comes with no monthly fee. Because most of the manufacturer who makes GPS trackers for Dogs use cellular GPS technology and subscription plans need to review. From the minimal choice for iOS users, we recommend buying PETFON Pet GPS Tracker because it is the most advanced and reliable; its application is trustworthy.

If you need to use the app on android phones, then prefer to buy Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker. Its application work with both operating systems, iOS, and Android. Both devices are useful to trade the dogs, but when used in the highly-dense areas there, they may not work up to the listed range.

GPS dog collar with no monthly fee is really a solution to most common problems and a one-time investment. Without a subscription plan, it can work a lifetime.

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