8 Best Dog Training Collars with Spikes to Train Your Dog

The dog training collars with spikes known by the other name as “prong collar” is a combination of chain and choke. The prong collar is considered a training collar commonly used with the compulsion-based dog training principle.

The good thing is, modern collar and engineered by veterinarians, so they take care of keeping the dog unharmed. Many studies about the newly designed collars claim that the collar’s corrective bite on the neck is not harmful if the collar is used correctly.

Keep in mind it’s a common way of correction among dogs; even mothers do the same with small pups.

The difference between a simple/regular collar and a spiked collar is how this collar touches the dog’s neck surface. Like a regular collar, touch the full neck surface and length as well, while a spiked collar has minimum contact with the surface through only the ends of prongs.

So, the effect is a pain, and this design creates discomfort when animals are more sensitive. Most dog owners choose spike collars, choke collars, or gentle leads to address the pulling issues.

Advantages of Dog Training Collars with Spikes

Several people are not in favor of using the prong/spike collars for the training because it can be harmful to the dogs, but people are still suing using it because it’s the easiest and convenient way to control the dog. Some of the benefits that you can get from a spiked collar are:

Great training tool

Do not judge the book by its cover; definitely, these collars do not look pretty get a bad rap among people, but no doubt, these collars are excellent training tools. Even professional trainers use these collars to control the dog; otherwise, it is hard to stop a healthy dog, and he can disappear or harm someone or remain disobedient.

A good prong collar puts universal pressure around the neck like a mother of small animals does, and such pressure does not cause any damage to the trachea if properly used.

We suggest considering the video below before using any prong collar, and before trusting on anyone, give it a test and make sure it’s helpful, not harmful. Some of the core benefits include:

  • Immediate responsiveness from the dog.
  • The amount and level of pressure or correction is drastically lower than with other tools.
  • Tends to create far less physical damage than any other type of dog collars (if not abused).

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A life-saving tool for dogs

There is a lot of criticism about the prong collars, but we find it out as a life-saving tool for many dogs. Many dog parents do not take their dogs on the walk because their dog pulls, making it hard to control him, especially the old dog owners.

It’s really a challenge to hold a healthy and active dog when he gets out of home and wants to play freely. Many of the dogs are caught in different diseases when owners do not get them on a daily walk, and the end is horrible for such dogs.

But the use of spike collars makes it easy and life-saving for dogs. Even it is ideal to use for the dogs who chew at home and react badly to any command.

When dog owners use spike collars on the walk, it becomes easy to deal with dogs that they cannot deal with previously.

1. Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Spike Collar

spike training collar
  • Ideal for disobedient dog training, an assembly chain prevents any damage to the dog.
  • Can be used for leisurely walk and visits to the vet.
  • Stainless steel material with black coating, rust-resistant, and matches with fu.
  • Prongs can be protected with a nylon cover.

2. OSPet Dog Prong Collar

spiked collar for dog training
  • A complete package in the shape of rope and spike collar for training.
  • High-quality rope with a comfortable grip and easy to attach mechanism.
  • The collar is equipped with a buckle for ease and off; the metal buckle is durable to last and withstands.
  • The pressure of the most energetic dog.
  • Ideal package to avoid rope burn as well as to keep the dog unharmed with prong caps.
  • Suitable for an aggressive dog who is difficult to probe with.
  • Suitable for medium and large size dogs.

3. ImPetZ by CranoGraphix Spike Training Collar

dog training collar with spikes
  • Extremely durable, made to last for a long time.
  • Instant and painless control becomes possible with this collar.
  • Adjustable as per the size of the dog neck can be used for small and large dogs.
  • Equipped with a no-hassle quick release system.
  • Comes with a money-back guaranty.

4. Spiked Collar for Dog Training – Pack of 2

metal spike dog training collar
  • A quality and performance-driven system to train and control your dog.
  • Practical and harmless can be used for quick results.
  • For dog owners who want gentle options.
  • Newly invented choke system to keep the dog harmless.
  • High strength watchband style to wear.

5. Mayerzon Dog Training Collar with Spikes

spike choker for dogs
  • Safe and secure collar to use for training.
  • Made to withstand the pressure of most energetic dogs.
  • Available in different styles and sizes.
  • Designed for aggressive dogs training and hold them when they are anxious.
  • Easy slip-on and off.

6. Herm SPRENGER Ultra-Plus Metal Spike Dog Training Collar

spike training collar
  • Highest selling collar in the market.
  • Safe and secure to use for quick and effective results.
  • Safety end features protect complete choking.
  • Natural contact points for optimal communication.
  • Recommended by most trainers and dog owners.

7. Aheasoun Dog Prong Training Collar

spiked collar for dog training
  • Equipped with 9 prong links.
  • Made to protect the trachea and other sensitive areas.
  • Solid links and a “D ring” that provides a more secure connection with the leashes.
  • Prong links can be added and removed.
  • Stainless steel and silver coating provides a stunning look.

8. Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel

dog training collar with spikes
  • Made in Germany with prongs on both sides.
  • Innovative design for your dog.
  • Back color makes it stunning collar to wear.
  • Only suitable for medium-sized dogs.
  • Buckle and D-ring make the functioning easy.

Things to Consider For Safety

No doubt, these collars are useful, especially for the rowdies and untrained dogs, but there is some general measure that every dog owner should take before getting out with the prong collar on the dog.

Mut be properly fitted

Both loose fitting as well a tight-fitting can be dangerous for dogs. A spiked collar must be a snug fit, not too tight or not loose, and must sit below the ear. It’s simply the high you have the collar on the neck of your dog, the better communication you will have with your dog.

If you keep it loose, it will slip back, and your control may not remain effective, and similarly, if you make it too tight, that may cause damage the dog and feel difficulty while breathing.

Train your dog

It may be the first time for your dog, and he might not feel safe with the collar and get hurt. When first putting a prong collar on your dog that has never worn one. It would help if you made a start with training let him know how it works.

Take a day of training, walk slowly, reinforce good behavior, and keep going. It takes only one or a session to train your dog, and thereafter you need to hold the leash correctly, as shown in the video, and you will have full control of your dog. Your dog quickly picks up how it works and starts behaving gently, and after a few sessions, he will start walk without pulling.

Disadvantages of Dog Training Collars with Spikes

There are several disadvantages that a prong collar can the most known ones are:

Prong collar injuries

When not used properly, it can cause injuries to the skin and inner part that can develop into complications, even it can tear apart your dog’s neck, but such cases are the only result of dog owners’ irresponsibility. A dog owner who ties his dog outside while wearing a prong collar can expect such an outcome.

When required, only use the prong collar, like when you are going for a walk, and do not let your dog unattended when the prong collar is on.

  • In certain situations, it can increase a dog’s aggressive response.
  • It can provoke handler aggression that may bring the worst result.
  • It can create serious psychological and physical damage if not used properly.
  • It creates pain and one of the highest levels of stress in dogs among different dog training tools.


Remember not to use it for pull or nag; it is a good tool to use when there is a need to quickly communicate with the dog, especially when the dog is on the move or walking with your dog. It should be a quick snap of the collar to communicate what you want from your dog. Other than the specified purpose, do not use a prong collar to discipline your dog; it’s only for training purposes, not to use in routine.

Owners are not trained

Many new owners are not aware of the prong collar’s power, which is one reason their dog got hurt with this training tool.

If you cannot afford to train yourself and your dog from a professional video, then read the manual carefully and depend on the videos we share.

It will help to understand how to use and how to handle your dog with a prong collar.

Dog Training Collars with Spikes FAQ

Are choke collars safe?

No Doubt it’s safe when used correctly. Simply the neck of your dog is in your hand. It’s not the only dog who needs to behave gently after prong collar, but also the owner needs to take care and keep in mind that there is a collar on the neck that can cause serious injuries. The only difference between the human and the dog’s neck is fur.

What kind of injuries do choke collars cause?

Thyroid glands, trachea, esophagus, jugular vein, muscles, and spinal column, lymph nodes are located in similar places. Studies show that Thyroid glands get severely traumatized in case the leash is handled incorrectly. It destroyed the body’s immune system that tries to remove the inflamed thyroid, and the destruction of these cells leads to hypothyroidism.

How do prong collars work?

Work in a similar choke collar, but it has metal spikes that dig into and pinch the dog’s neck if he pulls on the leash.

Why should prong collars be avoided?

It causes constant pain during a walk that leads to aggressive behavior and fear. And many misused or owner forgets to remove and got get seriously injured.

If these collars cause pain, why does my dog still pull?

It’s tough to know when the dog is in pain. Your dog might think to move forward to avoid the pain. For the correct use, it’s necessary to train your dog well.

Are choke and prong collars humane if used properly?

It is proven that spike collars cause injuries but a great tool for training. Alternates are available in the market but not for a walk. It is human to use it if you know how to handle your dog with a prong collar or train your dog for the same job. Human societies are totally against the use of prong or spiked collars.

What other options do I have to stop my dog pulling?

The only alternative is a human trainer who can train your dog for a gentle walk. Or you can use electronic training collars.

Final Thoughts

Many budget-friendly options are available in the market that makes a choice difficult for the dog owner who is not well aware of the functions of spike collars. Herm SPRENGER is a well-known producer of such collars, and we suggest buying any of their collars. Before using this collar on a walk, you must train yourself and your dog as well.

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