Can You Kennel A Dog For 8 Hours? (The Pros and Cons)

Can You Kennel A Dog For 8 Hours

A lot of people think that dogs should be kenneled for 8 hours. This is not true! Your dog needs exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation. Dogs are pack animals and need to interact with other dogs or humans at least once a day. If you can’t provide this, it’s best to adopt an animal that doesn’t need human contact.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Dogs Shouldn’t be Kenneled for 8 Hours

  • 1) They won’t get enough exercise since they’ll only go potty once or twice a day
  • 2) They may feel alone and anxious
  • 3) They won’t have a good sleeping pattern (or any sleeping pattern for that matter)
  • 4) Puppies need constant attention and training throughout the day to avoid getting into any trouble.
  • 5) It’s not fair to your dog. If you can’t make time for them, then it’s best to find another family that can.
  • 6) It can affect your dog’s behavior, and he may need to be trained again.
  • 7) Dog may hurt himself in the effort to escape.
  • 8) He might escape and create a challenging situation for you.

When (What Age) Can I Leave My Dog For 8 Hours?

If you want to leave your dog for 8 hours, it’s best to wait until he is at least 6 months old. If you have a puppy younger than that, then it’s best if you can get him out every couple of hours and let him eat, play with toys or other dogs, and potty outside.

A puppy needs constant attention, and it’s unfair to leave him alone for 8 hours.

Where Should I Keep My Dog While At Work?

If you work all day, you can get someone to come over and let your dog out (or take him somewhere else). You can also have a neighbor or pet-sitter come over once a day, so that he has a little human interaction and exercise.

If you can’t do that, just let him stay in a spare room or the kitchen.

If you can afford to leave your pup at a pet day care facility, it’s worth considering. If not, you may return to check on them during your lunch break.

A few minutes out of their cage to stretch out, get a snack, and go pee will be much appreciated. It’s only a few minutes that will change the mood.

What to Do If I Have to Left My Dog Alone for 8 Hours?

It is not advised to leave your dog unattended for this long time, but if it’s necessary for you and you do not have someone to attend to your dog, then here are some tips to follow.

Here are some tips on how to keep your pup happy while you’re gone: 

  • 1) Feed them 2-3 hours before leaving so they won’t feel hungry
  • 2) Give them lots of toys and chews
  • 3) Play music
  • 4) Leave the TV on
  • 5) Bring their blanket
  • 6) Take photos
  • 7) Ask someone else in your family to take care of them
  • 8) Record and watch later
  • 9) Leave your pup with something that smells like you (a shirt or blanket)
  • 10) Come home every hour to let your dog know you’re still there and that everything is okay.
  • 11) Put a clock in your dog’s kennel
  • 12) If you are worried about whining or barking, give them something to do (chews and toys).

A dog can’t just sit in one place for 8 hours; they need to get up and move around every hour or so. They need activity to stay healthy and happy.

It is better to give your dog as much activity throughout the day than spending 8 hours in a cage. For example, your dog will be happier if you take him with you or stop by during lunch to let him out for a walk.

If your schedule doesn’t allow this, then try hiring someone to come over once or

Reasons to Kennel Your Dog for 8 Hours

  • 1) You work 8 hours, so it’s only fair that your dog does too
  • 2) They won’t get separation anxiety, and you’ll never have to worry about them destroying the house or barking while you’re gone
  • 3) They’ll be so tired from all of that exercise, they won’t even notice you’re gone
  • 4) You have to make sure they get exercise and socialization when you’re back home.
  • 5) If you have multiple dogs, then they may play and stimulate each other.
  • 6) It will teach your dog to hold it all day long until you let them out.
  • 7) They won’t destroy your house or be alone all day while left alone

Ideally, How Long a Dog Can Stay In a Crate?

Ideally, you should leave for no longer than 4 hours. That is how long a dog can typically hold it!

If you have a puppy and have to leave, then try returning every hour or so. This will stimulate their bladder and bowel movements. Also, get them outside to play around with the other dogs or chew on some toys.

There’s an exception to this rule. If you are gone for just a few hours, and your dog is okay, then it isn’t necessary to release them from their crate.

If you’re going on vacation or leaving for long periods of time (8+ hours), then consider boarding your dog at the kennel. But make sure they do get some exercise and socialization.

No matter what, if you’re leaving your dog alone for 8 hours, try to come home every hour or two and let them stretch their legs a little.

One important thing to remember is that dogs absolutely need interaction with humans and other animals daily to be happy and healthy.

Anyone with a dog can tell you how much of an emotional toll it takes on you to leave them behind. But it’s just something you have to get used to if your life demands that you work 8 hours or more.

The best thing for both of you is to find some companionship for your pup while they’re away from you!

The Wrap Up

If you’ve ever left your dog unattended for 8 hours, then you know how difficult it can be. Not only do they need to relieve themselves every few hours, but the boredom and loneliness will take their toll on them as well.

The tips we provide should help keep your pup happy while you’re gone so that things are easier when you return home.

Whether this just needs to happen once or if it’s a regular occurrence in your life, these suggestions should make leaving your pet much less stressful for both of you!